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Highlights of His Achievements in the Years of 2011 and 2012 (3)
2012-09-04 Click Times:
World Leading Master Calligrapher Guodong Li and His Calligraphic Art
Highlights of His Achievements in the Years of 2011 and 2012 (3)




11. 2012年1月联合国举办庆祝中国龙年春节书画展,李国栋教授作为特邀艺术家,与联合国秘书长潘基文、中国常驻联合国代表李保东大使等人一道,为书画展开幕式剪彩。
In January, 2012, UN holds an art exhibition in its headquarters in New York to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Prof. Gudong Li is invited an outstanding artist to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony with Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki-Moon, Chinese Ambassador to the UN Li Baodong.



12.李国栋教授应美国哥伦比亚大学邀请作“书法与人生”讲座。讲座结束后,哥大未来中国社收藏李教授墨宝“学 海无涯”。Prof. Guodong Li is invited to give a lecture to the faculty and students of Teachers College of Columbia University.  At the end of the lecture, Future China Association of Columbia University collects Prof. Li presents a piece of calligraphy  “Never Stop Learning New Knowledge”.

13. 李国栋书法作品展 2012年8月12日至15日在加拿大多伦多市大都会展览厅举办,引起轰动。Prof. Guodong Li Art Exhibition is held in Metro Hall of Toronto, Canada from Aug. 12th to 15th , 2012.


14. 李国栋教授2012年7月25日在美国华人博物馆举办讲座时, 该博物馆收藏李教授书法“龙飞凤舞”。Prof Guodong Li pose and Lydia Reinhold give lecture on July 25th, 2012 in the Museum of Chinese Americans, and the Museum collects Prof. Li’s calligraphic work “Dragon Flies and Phoenix Dances.”.

15.中国常驻联合国代表李保东大使夫妇收藏李国栋墨宝“龙飞凤舞”。Chinese Ambassador to the UN Mr. Li Baodong and his wife Lu Hailin collect Prof. Li’s calligraphic scroll “Dragon Flies and Phoenix Dances”.


17. 枫桥夜泊,  Memory of A Night of the Maple Bridge

19. 李国栋教授与联合国国际环境与卫生组织主席、中国医疗卫生基金会理事长王彦峰合影。
Prof. Guodong Li shakes hands with Wang Yanfeng, Chairman of Health and Medical Foundation of China.